4 Tips Photography For Milky Way in Mt Bromo With Phone Camera

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4 Tips Photography For Milky Way in Mt Bromo With Phone Camera. Milky Way Mount Bromo, one of the other uniqueness of Mount Bromo in addition to the crater and Sunrise can be seen only in the dark of the night, is able to witness a collection of millions of stars that have volumes such as dust and gas located in the disc Field of the Galaxy (Milky Way), suppose to call it the Milky Ways galaxy. This natural phenomenon can also be witnessed at once when the tour in Mount Bromo, not only to witness, it can also capture the wonders of nature, just with the camera from your smartphone or mobile phone itself.

Milky Way is what?, in the Indonesian language also referred to as a cluster of “Milky Way-derived from Latin Via Lactea or Greek Galaxias meaning” milk “. This Milky way is a spiral galaxy that has 200-400 billion stars with a diameter of 100,000 light-years and a thickness of 1000 light-years. Because they see it as a white glowing mist band stretching over the celestial sphere, it is finally referred to as the Milky Way.

4 Tips Photography For Milky Way in Mt Bromo With Phone Camera

4 Tips Photography For Milky Way in Mt Bromo With Phone Camera

Manual feature in camera HP
1 # Use Smartphone camera features with Manual Mode feature
Photographing a cluster of stars and Milky Way in Mount Bromo with the HP camera requires the help of smartphone camera feature that selects manual mode. Since we are going to photograph in dark conditions with a star object located in a distant location, it requires some special settings from the HP camera, which cannot be represented by an automatic mode.

Make sure your smartphone’s manual mode has the ISO setting function, shutter speed and white balance Yes in order to capture the glow of the stars in the sky

If your default phone’s HP camera doesn’t provide manual mode settings, don’t worry about the Play Store app as well as enough options. 5 common Android Camera apps that are commonly used are Camera FV-5, Manual Camera, A Better Camera, Open Camera and DSLR Camera Pro. Please choose one of them that you are interested in.Upload, or drag your photos to Canva for editing-transform your photos into cool graphics
Start setting camera settings manually…

Aperture or openings, which serve as the window where the light is in. The openings are symbolized as f (F 5.0, F 4.0, F 3.0). The smaller the aperture number means the wider window on the open camera which means it is also increasingly sensitive to receive incoming light.

ISO, is the sensitivity of the camera sensor in receiving incoming light. In the camera is written with a row of options of numbers from ISO 100, 200, 400, 800, 1600 and so on. The larger the number the more sensitive the camera sensors are in the light reception.

Shutter speed, or commonly referred to as shutter speed. The time and speed of the sensors required in light reception. It is generally symbolized as the S letter or shutter icon. The shutter speed setting should be adjusted with the aperture and ISO.

As an illustration, Martin Marthadinata photographed with Nikon D5000 DSLR camera with F/3.5 setting-ISO 3200-shutter 30 seconds-Kalo Ada has a photo example of HP send Ya Broww
Milky Way Star Milky Ways
Portrait of the Milky Way from the road to the peak Pananjakan, photo by Martin Marthadinata-Flickr

2 # Find the right time and the Ideal location and away from the light
When?, durng hunting bromo milky way it would be night or when the sky was without a moon. The ideal condition is when the sky is bright without clouds and rain as well as dark except the light of the stars. The main enemy wants to capture the light from the stars is the condition of the light around us, because if it is in a place that is still quite a lot of light, the camera sensors will have trouble capturing the only light source in the sky.

Star hunting photographers in Mt Bromo
The photographers hunt for star Milky Way at Mount Bromo photo by Andrew Tan Flickr

The right time to see the phenomenon of the Milky Way of Mount Bromo is when the weather is sunny without clouds between 21.00 – 04.00 WIB early in the day. The perfect Way to get there during the dry season in April to September

The condition around Mount Bromo is ideal for this, especially when it is around the sea of Sand (Segoro wedi), the light on the mainland is only sourced from the Jeep Bromo crossing the area. Some of the best photos that can catch the Milky Way in Mount Bromo are from Pananjakan Peak and surrounding area.

3 # must use a Tripod, except for Blur image
One more kit that you must prepare is a tripod. When shooting stars in the sky, the smartphone camera will use a long exposure capability which means the camera lens will capture the light with a longer time in situations where the alias does not shift or shake.

So, if a smartphone moves a little bit will cause photos that you take blur and fail Lho!

4 # Perfect with Photo editing app
After you have successfully captured the star or Milky Way in the sky of Mount Bromo, the next process is to beautify the photos that you can with the smartphone application one of them Adobe Lightroom that you can download for free on the Play Store for users Android.

You can adjust the contrast, color and detail of the photos via the photo editing app to make it more interesting, guys! Who has successfully make photos of stars and Milky Way in Mt Bromo tour send here yaaaaa? Thank. 4 Tips Photography For Milky Way in Mt Bromo With Phone Camera

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