Avoid This 10 Wedding Dress Shopping Mistakes

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There are many common mistakes brides make when buying a wedding dress – usually because they are less ready or don’t want to think beyond the ideal vision they have in their lives. But buying a wedding dress doesn’t have to be stressful, unnecessary or time consuming. Here are our 10 biggest mistakes brides make when buying a wedding dress – try to avoid these mistakes and everything will be OK!

1. Not knowing your budget

Unless you really have an unlimited amount to spend, you must have an idea of ​​what you are capable of. Obviously, your budget will go further if you choose to buy discount wedding dresses, at a factory store or at a discount designer shop, but you must always know what your limits are.

2. Ignoring additional costs

When you budget for your costume, remember that you will wear more than just a dress! You should consider shoes, underwear, veils if you wear them, all the jewelry you don’t have (I think most of us don’t have tiaras before the wedding!), And even your hair and makeup should be included.

3. Bring lots of people

You really have to bring someone. Many people bring their mothers and sisters or close friends. Whoever you choose, they must be people you trust to give an honest opinion, but also don’t try to influence yourself to choose clothes that they like and not who you like! More than two people and you will have many different points of view, which can confuse you. Plus, you want your wedding dress to be a surprise to as many people as possible on D-day!

4. Be prepared to come and buy a wedding dress

Okay, buying a mother of the bride dresses tea length is more special than usual, but there’s no need to dress for us! You should wear a tight bra if you need extra support under a wedding dress, but otherwise, casual is good. In fact, we prefer that you don’t wear makeup that might be stained on your dress.

5. Shopping too early (or late!)

Buying late is not too much of a hassle when shopping at a wedding dress shop, for example, because this dress doesn’t have to be made from scratch for you, but you should always find enough time for each change. As for shopping too early, you really need to have at least the wedding date ordered, and preferably the location, because these two decisions will affect the style of clothing you choose. Additionally, if you are not ready to make a purchase, you might fall in love with a dress that will not be available when you have money.

6. Never did a little research before

It’s nice to have an open mind about the style of clothing you want, but you must have an idea of ​​what you like. Knowing your place will help you (a beach wedding has very different dress codes than a church wedding!), But take the time to look at a few pictures and see what you like. You can choose a dress that is simpler than a more detailed dress or a train that can be removed rather than an integrated train. If you don’t know where to start, it might be confusing to see all the wedding dresses on the track!

7. Try only one style

On the other hand, because you are adamant, you will only try a white strapless prom dress, this may mean you are losing the dress that suits you best, while narrowing your choices a little.

8. Try to buy a smaller size by saying “I will lose weight before the wedding”

It’s very easy to say, but it’s not so easy to get, and while we don’t say that you won’t lose weight before your big day, keep in mind that most dresses can be removed in more than four sizes without affecting style. Leaving a dress is much more difficult and, if possible, you can only take it off in one size. So choose a dress that suits you now and absorb it when you lose weight!

9. Forget that they have to spend all day in the dress

It seems obvious, but many people try on clothes and decide to buy them without trying to sit down. Wedding dresses are not limited to ceremonies; so think about how comfortable it is to use it when sitting, eating, and even dancing. This is very important with corsage style corsets, which can be limiting and fishtail style, which, if too tight, can prevent you from feeling!

10. Buy a dress that you don’t like

This is your dress. It has to be the dress that you keep compared to all the other dresses (I always make it 4 years after my wedding and, even now, I still prefer my wedding dress to the others!). Choosing a dress because it makes your mother fit, or just because it has colors that match the bridesmaid’s dress is not really recommended. You don’t plan to do this more than once, so be sure to buy the wedding dress of your dreams.

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