Physics And Philosophy Of Time

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It’s been stated that point is simply Nature’s method of stopping from happening at the same time! However the word ‘happening’ is important if tips over, something changes. To my thought process, time is symbolic of change time is really a measurement of change change gives the idea of time tangible meaning.

If nothing ever altered like nullifier, if nothing ever happened, it might be meaningless to speak about time. Time is simply our informal perception or even more formal measurement of rate-of-change. Rates-of-change vary for the way fast you travel in accordance with another frame of reference (the overall Theory of Relativity) therefore the time times that measure that rate-of-change vary accordingly. I additionally will not help but question whether, talking about things relative, whether you could insist upon a continuing rate-of-change that’s made constant since your rate-of-time varies, or even the more prevalent view from day-to-day experience that rate-of-time is constant but rate-of-change varies.

It isn’t obscure the reason why you do not know time passing whenever you sleep. It is because you are unaware or cognoscente of anything altering while you are asleep. Actually, sleep is a means of achieving time travel. You want to sleep at 11 pm. Next factor you realize its 7 am and you’ve got traveled eight hrs to return apparently instantly!

Thusly, I conclude that point does not possess a separate reality. I am talking about you cannot weigh time, it’s no mass, it’s free or energy, it is not a pressure and it has no particle connected by using it, you cannot put time for you to any physical use, nor are you able to manipulate time. You can’t bottle then sell it! It comes down to as intangible a something because the World enables.

Did time exist before there is anybody around to place a label into it? I am talking about inside a pre-existence era, change certainly required place – rocks eroded, the tides ebbed and ran. But was there time? We highly recommend the response is ‘no’ in that it requires a particular degree of intellect to acknowledge change or rate-of-change. A rock does not see time, nor will the beach where the tides act. The alterations are physically real enough, however it takes something as complex for a job organism (not of necessity only a human organism) to see and understand change, and rate-of-change, which – people – for insufficient a much better word, it is called all happening (i.e. rate-of-change) like a concept known as ‘time’.

By example, there’s the oft quoted puzzle of there being this tree inside a forest which falls. Will the falling/fallen tree produce any seem if nobody (meaning humans) is about to listen to it? (Obviously there’d be creatures like bears, deer, possums, wild birds, etc. that will hear the seem, but let us guess that the forest contains just plants that we assume we are able to agree with, can’t hear. Now whether or not any creatures remain or otherwise, the falling tree will produce vibrations in mid-air (usually air, but vibrations could be equally transmitted inside a liquid or solid medium). But vibrating air is not alone seem. Seem may be the perception (and possible interpretation) of individuals vibrations, which requires a recognition tool and software (ears along with a brain). So, there’s no seem without ears along with a brain, even though the vibrating air is very real regardless.

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