Seva Mobil Bekas : Suzuki Vitara Brezza with Toyota Logo Ready to Release August 2020

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Toyota soon released the Urban Cruiser. A Suzuki-based SUV Vitara Brezza allegedly killed late July or August 2020 in the Barata state. Again it all depends on how fast the recovery was due to COVID-19. Well, the plan is not merely a change of badge (rebadge). There will be a number of differentiation of products so as to not collide with each other market.

A piece of info about the trading partners of both manufacturers. In August 2019 they worked on a joint capital agreement. Intermanufacturers made partial purchases of stocks. They then developed hybrid technology together, sharing machines and other systems. Of the deal, Toyota spent a fals of US $910 million shares in Suzuki. Or with ownership of 4.94 percent. Similarly Suzuki acquired a Toyota stock worth US $452 million. Or equivalent to 0.2 percent of shares. Behind this business action, the two Japanese automobile manufacturers wrote a shared vision.

Then there is no wonder there is work together to widen the niche market. While in India, the Toyota Glanza is synonymous with Baleno, except for its logo. The most likely Toyota Urban Cruiser is processed in certain major areas. For example, find more than a little Toyota identity in front romance. Then as many components are relatively inexpensive to be touched again. Such as plastic bumpers, grids and other panels.

Later Toyota made a small arrangement in the stern of the Urban Cruiser, helping distinguish from Vitara Brezza. Such as the back light, even though the house is the same. Also predicted there is no translated in layers of chromium. Even with a similar rim design from Maruti Suzuki’s compact SUV. However, the other urgenous reshuffle performed was the interior setting. Brezza Cabins When this is dominated by grey plastics. The possibility of Toyota creating more premium, the brighter, looks not much more classy. At least it is overlaid by bright and a number of fresh graphics.

The Urban Cruiser Toyota can also be a product with the suffix of light hybrid technology. The combustion system is an integral part of Toyota’s global philosophy. And widely expressed as a stage of fuel economy. Just a reflection for you, a mild hybrid SHVS device on a petrol engine Vitara Brezza 2020 adopts an extra 48 volt battery in the Ertiga and Ciaz. This new device is being treated with 48 volt plus 12 volt DC converter. The result of the overall torque output escalation, to 235 Nm when the ISG started to operate. Fuel efficiency is also increased by 15 percent.

Well, smart hybrid basically wears the following ISG dual battery setup. It changes the conventional alternator, also includes the benefit of the driving motor. Thereby increasing engine power around acceleration. Based on the description of Suzuki, with that technology, it can increase the volume efficiency as well as lowering emissions. Combined dual battery setup in the Smart Hybrid, allows automatic Start/Stop benefits. This is in connection with relieving the burden on the machine, by turning off when stopping and resulting in better fuel savings.

The plan, Urban Cruiser manufactured by Maruti Suzuki factory in the same facility as Brezza. The price of this unit is suspected to be far beyond Maruti Vitara Brezza. Starting from Rs 7.5 until Rs 11.5 lakh (Rp 150 millions to Rp 230 millions). But Toyota will lure customers by loading the top variant with more than a few features. Then the standard assurance plan is three years or more.

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