How Multi-cam Live Streaming – Tutorial and Pro Gear Set-up 2019

The brightness of all OD so like I can control these settings so that’s the kind of cool thing I can’t do that with the key light because it’s not aperture so that’s that’s one of the one of the nice things about aperture lights but anyways that’s kind of how my whole setup is and it’s probably going to be evolving so probably one of the things I’m gonna be doing is I putting up a little boom that I bought it already I just need to figure out where to mount it I think somewhere there on this wall and it’s basically like this big boom arm that you can attach lights to it cameras things like that tv malaysia

And that might be helpful if for example let’s say I want to have another light over the top let’s say you know as providing let’s see a product lighting or even mount a camera actually let’s say I have a top-down camera looking down let’s see if I’m doing product reviews or things like that live on the show I can get an angle like that you know and and like I said I still can I can connect multiple sources up to eight sources to my to my setup so I only have two cameras connected

And two computers I still have four more video sources that I can connect so it definitely definitely this set up right now that I have provides a lot of possibilities a lot of things that you can do with it because again you can hook up multiple devices you know laptops computers whatever it is that you want to think anything that sends out a video signal and then the same thing with my you know audio for example mixer board I can connect up to actually twelve four microphones like there are neat phantom power and then after that it actually has all together twelve inputs so a lot of possibilities a lot of things you can do so literally you can be like a like a one-man band as you can see up here I could be sitting here

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