How to Make Perfect Wedding Toasts and Wedding Speeches

Wedding Toast

If you read this article, chances are you have been asked to toast a wedding at someone’s very special wedding. Afraid? We might talk about 6.9 about the Richter Scale from Toast-Making Tremors, knee beats, and pale fears.

Wedding Toast

After all, who starts to toast? Reportedly is that in France during the 1600s the word toast rolled someone’s tongue. Cast wine has a lot of sediment at the bottom of the bottle so that a piece of charred bread is placed at the bottom of the wine glass to absorb the evil pieces.

In ancient times people thought that the sound of a glass clinking would scare the evil spirit. Today we are still clinging to glasses and applying for marriage with couples, brides and maids, and often family and friends. Wedding and toast speeches offer our hope for happiness, luck, prosperity and good health.

When you think of a wedding toast, you think of bubbling champagne. Think of the nervousness of your wedding toast as it is, the energy you can use to give a beautiful and impressive toast. Like bubbles in champagne, energy separates the ordinary from something very special.

It is an honor and responsibility to make a toast for marriage. Cheers are a very important part of a wedding reception. Marriage speeches will be remembered and often recorded in videos for posterity. If you don’t want to see a failed replay of your wedding speech when your best friends celebrate their wedding anniversary, read and learn from a dozen of these tips.

  • Boxers or pants. Not for use but time here. Don’t go ten rounds; make your wedding toast short.
  • Jalapenos? Hot red chili? We talk seasoning. But for your wedding speech, don’t talk about spices. Forget disrespectful words, embarrassing stories, too much personal info, or crying and lamentations.
  • Just say no. Stay conscious until after you give your wedding toast.
  • Wear your heart on the sleeve. A wedding toast must come directly from the heart. Make your words sincere and sincere.
  • Don’t wing it. Remember the Greek myth about Icarus? He was the one who tried to flap it but fell and caught fire. You will also do it if you do not do homework to toast your wedding.
  • Learn from professionals. Props and movements keep your hands busy and your listeners interested in your wedding toast.
  • Clothes make the man. Wearing perfectly and dressing will give you extra trust for your wedding speech
  • Exercise makes perfect. Stand in front of a full-size mirror, run through your wedding speech, movement and all the time.
  • That key. Larger and bolder types make reading easier. Lighting may not be perfect where you will stand and you do not want to be left in the dark when giving a wedding.
  • Take five. Spend a few moments at the place where you will give your wedding toast. Find out how close you are to the microphone and practice looking at imaginary audiences.
  • Show time! Take deep and slow breaths. Look at your audience, check one or two friendly faces when you start your wedding. If eye contact makes you nervous, look a little above the person’s head. When you make toast that actually has a full glass in your hand, stretch your arms out of your shoulders and make eye contact with the toast.
  • Enjoy the moment. Someone thinks you are special enough to make the most important day of his life special by asking you to toast for a wedding. Enjoy preparation, delivery and post-toast euphoria.

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