The Best And Simple Nail Art Tutorial

nail art design

Before examining in detail the stages of nail art manufacturing, let’s take a look at this. From the first reading of the word, we will come to the conclusion that it is an art that can only be accomplished by professionals. But this can also be done by ordinary people by practicing it with a nail art guide or tutorial. We believe that nail art is not just about decorating the nail, but also about taking care of it or protecting it. Nowadays, nail art is becoming popular because it has become one of the ways to show up. The reason could probably be the media, especially the Internet. We will now go to the nail art tutorial.

nail art design

The first step is without saying the cleaning process. Different brushes are available and can be used for this process. Including this step may seem childish for some of them, but it is a very essential thing to do for the nails. Some Nailart tutorials could also have skipped this step. Before going to the next step, make sure your nail is free of dust. The next step will be to cut the nail to the desired shape. The nail must be shaped so as not to be damaged.

The next step is the design of the nails. The most important in nail design is airbrushing. This involves giving the fingernail an initial basecoat and then a white layer should be applied evenly to the nail. Uniformity plays a vital role here. Before you do nail art, be sure to use a good quality paint. Now, paint the nail with the required color on the desired parts of the nail. Then, the mask should be applied over the nail to cover the area where we do not want the color to be visible.

After applying the mask, paint the nail. One important thing to consider is to cover the painted area while spraying another color in the surrounding area to prevent the drawing from collapsing. You can also use small balls of different colors on the nail for decorative purposes. But the beads should be used when the paint is wet. Finally, remove the mask and apply a finishing coat. Now, wash the area around the nail with water and soap.
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The tutorial described above can help you design your fingernail for a special occasion.

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