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Tired of being threatened and insulted by a netizen on social media, boxer Deontay Wilder had a drastic attitude to end public unrest. The American challenged the boy, whose name is Charlie Zelenoff, to settle scores in person at his gym, the Hollywood Boxing Gym. Very angry, the boxer gave no chance to the man and beat him.

A video of the fight was released on the Internet by the American website “TMZ”. In it you can see the heavyweight always striking the net with force and precision. At one point, after hitting the boy hard, Wilder was restrained from going further.

“Never call me Creole again,” the boxer said, while Zelenoff shuffled away, even catching himself. – I’m the best, I’m still the best…

In an interview with the American website “TMZ”, the fighter explained the reasons for wanting to confront the netizen.

– He said he was going to kill me. I said I was going to close my daughter’s mouth with a tape … When dealing with my children, this is a low blow. This is what hurt me. I genuinely care about the boy. I want him to stop (threatening people) before he messes with the wrong person. You never know who you’re dealing with, ”he told the American website.

In the present time, the internet is a vast sea of ​​information of countless subjects and areas. Its open nature, community and free expression means that we can all be participants in the creation and compilation of this information. Such an opening brings about negative effects, whereupon sometimes, the anonymity and protection behind a keyboard that damages the host, bromistas and abusers.

In the world of boxing is the case of Charlie Zelenoff, an authentic “Troll”, as these people are called. He will have several years host several boxers, in his beginning beginners, who retab them through the internet to see his skills as a boxer. Claim to boast records of impressive skins and even belts of championships, of nonexistent federations or falsifying them for others.

On your youtube page, it was normal to see him complain about the talent of several professional boxers. But one of them, the current heavyweight champion and winner of the Olympic medalist in Beijing, Deontay Wilder, feels that the situation with Zelenoff has rebounded, on the ground with various instigations of the professional boxer, bell racist attacks against your family. Especially his wife, who suffers from a malformed illness in her legs.

Wilder received so many calls from the extra Zelenoff in his gym of the Angels and this was the result:

Wilder is 29 and unbeaten in boxing as a pro: 31 wins, all by knockout. He was also a bronze medalist at the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

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